CTM 32-12.5


CTM 32-12.5

ctm-32 with-plate 002

CTM 32-12.5 is the biggest pump in the range of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, with 0.75 – 1.1 kW motor, capacity of 10.8 m3/h and max head 19.5 m.

Features & Benefits

No leakage
- safe working environment and environmental friendly

Economical operation
- high degree of efficiency and no waste of product

Magnetic power transmission
- no mechanical seal problems

Safe handling of hazardous fluids
-seal less pump

Hermetic system
- no poisonous or dangerous vapours



CTM 32-12.5

Max temperature PP pumps 0… +70 ; PVDF pumps 0… +80
Motor IEC standard, 3 x380 VAC (other on request) 2 900 rpm, frame B34, IP55
System pressure rating PP pumps: PN6 at 20°C, PN2 at 90°C ;PVDF pumps: PN6 at 20°C, PN2 at 90°C
Viscosity max 200 cSt max
Solids 2% max concentration in weigh, Hardness 800 Vk / size 150 m



CTM 32-12.5

Dimension A 105
Dimension B 374.5
Dimension C 80
Dimension D 160


ctm dim


материали на корпуса

CTM 32-12.5

O-rings EPDM for PP, FKM for PVDF pump
Pump casing and isolation shell (rear casing) PP or PVDF
Static bushings Ceramic (standard) or SiC
Rotating bushings Carbographite (standard) or SiC
Magnets NdFeB


работни характеристики

CTM 32-12.5

ctm-20-32 v2


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