MKP - Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pump



Key characteristics

  • compact design
  • simplicity of design 
  • A small number ofparts 
  • Excellentflushingbearings 
  • Impellerand the rotorrotateson its ownstaticsupport 
  • Drivefrom the internal(small O)at the outer (large O) 
  • No need fora bearing support(bracket) - development ofCP Pumpen 
  • Low vibrationand low noise, long life


Techical specifications

- Max capacity: 650 м3/ч
- Мax head: до 145 м
- Temperature: -100°C up to +350°C
- Nominal pressure: PN 16 standard / PN 25 optional
- Kinematic viscosity (min.-max.): .5 mm2/s up to 350 mm2/s
- Standards: EN 22858, ISO 2858

- Materialperformance: high-temperature alloys, stainless steel, nickel, nickel alloys, and other special alloys


UA pic MKP-on-baseplate



Pumps graphics: Depending of pump head - from 50 Hz

MKP RangeCurves 50Hz 15A0 Rev03



Dimension drawing: MCS pumps sealed construction

Dimension drawing: MCS pumps with flexible coupling

DimensionalDrawing MKP CloseCoupled I-04 Baseplate Motor 15G6 Rev07

DimensionalDrawing MKP BearingFrame 15G10 Rev10


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