Double filters, OW series

For applications where the requirement is for continuous flow with minimum loss of pressure, the dual filter OW provides quality of design and performance.

The filter is of cast construction and incorporates two chambers each containing a high quality stainless steel basket. Flow is diverted from one basket to the other without interruption by turning the handle, which rotates dual cylindrical cocks, delivering the flow to the appropriate chamber.


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Double filters, OW series

Dual Filters OW 20 mm (3/4") – 200 mm (8")


Key features:

  • † Simple changeover operation requires infrequent maintenance.
  • † Compact design.
  • † Large filtration areas giving low-pressure drops.
  • † Working pressures up to 50 bar (A300 Series).
  • † Quick release filter covers and knobs for easy maintenance.
  • No contamination between filtered and unfiltered liquids.
  • † Wide range of materials, sizes and accessories.
  • † Filtration down to 10 microns.
  • † Handle covers chamber in use — preventing accidental opening of pressurised chamber.
  • † Differential pressure indicators as optional extras.

OW dvoinye

Dual Filter Multibasket OW 150 mm (6")


The dual filter multibasket design compliments the existing oW range by offering a high level of filtration within a small, compact physical size where space, weight and high free filtration area are key to the operator.
The filter is of cast construction and is supplied with four quality stainless steel cylindrical baskets which are fitted into the filter in a 2 (left) + 2 (right) arrangement. Just as the standard dual filter range, the construction lends itself to non-interrupted liquid flow during basket removal for cleaning.

 Key features:

  • High quality stainless steel baskets with large filtration areas resulting in low pressure drops
  • Compact design for space saving
  • Working pressures up to 22 bar
  • Quick release filter covers and knobs for easy basket removal
  • Simple changeover for uninterrupted operation


  • Range of extras allowing filter to be customised
  • Available in cast iron, cast steel, gunmetal (bronze) or stainless steel as standard
  • Differential pressure indicators are available
  • Equilisation pressure line as standard

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